If you are craving that seductive, perky look underneath a full set of luscious lashes, you are definitely not alone. Various lash beautification treatments available on the market confirm how important lashes are for our look regardless of the preferred style. The most effective and the longest lasting way to achieve that desired look are Semi-Permanent lash extensions. Here is all you wanted to know about them, and for any additional questions you may have, feel free to contact us at Beauty Xpress.

What are Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are a special type of semi-permanent lashes that a professional lash technician hand-glues to your individual natural lashes to visually elongate them, make them darker, thicker and more noticeable. By doing so, they make your eyes seem larger and deeper whilst completely eliminating the need for mascara and eyelash curlers.

What kind of Lash Extensions are there?

Though the material may vary from one studio to another, generally the semi-permanent lashes are made of mink, silk and synthetic fibers.

When it comes to the application style, there are single or classic lashes, and there is a fan or volume lashes. In both cases, a single natural lash is being used as a base for the adhesive onto which is added a single lash extension, in the former case, or several lash extensions, in the latter. The combination of the two styles, which are used most commonly, are called hybrid.

How do I choose which extensions to get?

Of course, the choice of the lash extensions themselves highly depends on the effect you want to achieve. Whether you aim for a highly dramatic appearance, a subtle natural look or anything in between, a professional lash artist will get you exactly what you want. Other than your personal preference, other important factors are also your face shape, bone structure, and natural lashes, all of which the professional will take into consideration.

How many lash extensions do I need?

This depends on various factors such as your natural lash thickness, the size of your eye as well as the look you aim for, but a full set of lash extensions normally includes between 80 and 150 individual lashes. However, they will differ in terms of length, thickness and curl strength to match the natural lashes shape.

How long do lash extensions last?

Since they are glued to the individual lashes themselves and not the lash line (unlike the temporary false lashes you can apply yourself at home), lash extensions will follow the natural growth and fall out cycle of your lashes. So, some of them will start falling out after two or three weeks, but not all of them will fall out at once. What you can do to extend their lifespan, other than proper maintenance, is book a refill appointment to make up for the loss.

Are lash extensions harmful?

The answer to this most important question is: if the correct size of the lash extensions is chosen and they are applied correctly then no, lash extensions are not harmful.

Most commonly, the problem occurs when the lashes are too thick and large in comparison to the natural lashes, so this added weight irritates and weakens them, making them prone to breakage. This is also why it is advised to make pauses between getting the extensions to allow your natural eyelashes and eyelid to rest.

Furthermore, people with cat allergies need to select either silk or synthetic extensions and avoid the mink option as it is likely to cause them irritations and itchiness.

Additionally, problems commonly arise due to lack of hygiene and proper maintenance, which is why it’s extra important to wash your eyes with suitable oil-free products and brush your extensions regularly.

How do I prepare for my lash extensions application?

There isn’t any kind of special preparation required before the treatment. What’s important is that you arrive at your appointment free of any kind of makeup or product and with clean skin. The residue of oils and other substances might have a negative effect on the glue making it harder for your extensions to stay in place.

How do I care for my lash extensions?

Naturally, avoid rubbing, tugging or pulling your lashes as well as rubbing them against your pillow while you sleep.

Immediately after the procedure, it’s important to keep your lashes dry for 48 hours to protect the adhesive used to keep the lash extensions in place. Additionally, the substances to avoid throughout your lash extensions lifespan are oily products which might dissolve the glue and cause the lash extensions to fall off. If you use face creams, avoid contact with the lash line.

However, proper hygiene is quite important, which is why lash extensions should be regularly cleaned with suitable products (oil-free ones which specify their compatibility) and combed through with a mascara wand.

Can I still use makeup if I have lash extensions?

The short answer is – yes, if it’s not oily.

If your eyelids are naturally oily, it’s good to use powder eyeshadows or primers to protect the lash line. Also note that it’s unadvisable to use mascara on the lash extensions, since applying and removing it requires friction we normally want to avoid and it impedes proper hygiene. You can still use non-oily and wax-free eyeliners and eyeshadows. Last but not least, avoid curlers.

So, are you ready for your lash extensions? Visit us and enjoy your new look!