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Basic Hands and Feet Course

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About the Course

Frequently Asked Questions

All our accredited courses are fully accredited meaning you will be fully qualified and can obtain insurance to work on clients.

Each course differs in terms of length but for every course you will have some theory followed by step-by-step demos to follow, downloads to keep and case studies to complete before receiving your certificate.

You have to pass all your quiz questions for each module before moving onto the next but you can attempt the questions as many times as needed, referring back to your manual. When you submit your case studies, we may ask you to send us more than 2 to make sure you are ready to complete the course.
You will have continued support both during and after your course from the team at Beauty Xpress Academy.
Training kits are included in some of the courses. You will have a choice to purchase a training kit from Beauty Xpress Academy or bring your own one. If you would like to discuss your training and kit options, please email [email protected]
Beauty Xpress Academy have training support groups or you can always email [email protected] or ring to our office on 1800 941941
Courses are non-refundable. If at any point you don’t feel that your course is giving you the skills to become a competent technician, please speak to us and we will do our best to ensure you feel confident with the materials and give you extra support if required.
You have one year access to your course via our online learning platform to complete it and you can refer back to it at any time in one year period.
If you would like to discuss your training and kit options, please email [email protected]