Some people are blessed with naturally long and thick nails, but that is not the case for most of us frequently visiting beauty salons. Acrylic nails have always been one of the most popular nail enhancements. Even though acrylic nails may appear chunkier on the hand when done as complex nail art installments, you can easily make them flawless and natural.

Here is the easiest way to make acrylic nails look natural.

1. Choose an adequate at-home kit for natural acrylic nails

Many at-home kits are available both in drugstores and high-end stores for easy DIY nails. Since acrylic nails have to be done every three or four weeks, we advise you to choose a kit that is more budget-friendly and beginner level if you are just starting out doing your nails.

The acrylic nail kits include a polymer (acrylic powder) and a monomer, which is a liquid. Combined, they create a paste that can be evenly distributed onto the nail plates, and when it is dry, that establishes a nail extension. Additionally, tips can be added to the nail plates. This all might seem overwhelming at the beginning, but the beauty experts claim that there is a learning curve. It will get better.

The acrylic powders come in different colors and textures. They can be clear, colorful, or even glittery, so there are plenty of options to choose from in the market. You can use tips in the process as well in the beginning. As you gain more experience, you will know how to create beautiful natural acrylic nail extensions without them.

2. Prep properly your nail plates for natural acrylic nails

As in many other manicure techniques, preparation is the key. But this is especially important while doing acrylic nails because the prolonged misuse of acrylic nails can cause severe damage to your natural nail plates. Preparation of your nail plates includes hand washing, nail cutting, and pushing the cuticles. If you want your acrylic to look seamlessly on the hand, take extra time while filing your natural nail plates.

After that, it is vital to debuff your nails with a file and remove any excess from the nail plates. It would be advisable to use acetone-based nail polish remover to prep your nails for natural acrylic mani. Finally, don’t forget about your cuticles and apply the nursing oil.

3. Apply the primer or your natural nail plates

The first step in natural acrylic nails is applying the primer, no matter which brand you choose. If you previously applied acetone-based nail polish remover, there is no need to use a dehydrator or a bonder. The primer is a significant step in this particular manicure technique because it preps the natural nail plates for the adhesion of the tips. The primer further strips the oils of your original nail plates, allowing acrylic to last even longer. Both primer and the tip work seamlessly together when appropriately applied.

Take your time and apply the primer carefully and even throughout the nail plates.

4. Apply monomer and polymer onto the nail plates

As we stated previously, to get a perfect acrylic nail manicure, you need polymer (acrylic powder) and monomer, which is a liquid. By combining these two textures, you will create a beautiful nail extension. You need clear acrylic powder, color powder, monomer, and a brush for the process.

The most challenging part of the application process is mastering powder to liquid ratio. The application process is placing a brush into the monomer and then into the polymer. Afterward, the bead (combining these two ingredients) is applied directly onto the nail plates with a brush. You can have two or three beads for each nail, and you can use your brush to create a soft and beautiful shape.

If you use too much monomer, the bead will be running, and you will not be able to paste it onto the nail plates. If you use too much polymer, the bead will be too powdery, and you will not be able to work with it. Unfortunately, the exact rule of powder to liquid ratio does exist, but practice makes perfect.

5. Alter the shape and the length to keep them even more natural

After applying the acrylic on both hands, take your file and shape them in a preferred way. The most popular shapes that elevate the natural acrylic nail look are almond, square and oval. Choose a rounded shape close to your natural nails to enhance your natural acrylic nails look. Additionally, you can color your acrylic nails over your regular nude nail polish to keep them even more elevated and soft.

As with any other manicure technique, if you want your natural acrylic nails to last longer, avoid any activities that might cause scabbing. Nourish your cuticles with oils and prevent exposure to hot water. If you are having any trouble with your natural acrylic nails and looking to fix it asap, we recommend that you seek professional help.

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